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Pressure Tanks

Flex-Lite Pressure Well Tanks

  • FLS Series The Flex-Lite FLS tank is 50% lighter than conventional steel tanks. This radical weight saving means it is also 50% easier to handle and install. Plus, its non-corrosive composite construction sets the standard for performance and durability. The Flex-Lite FLS is an ideal replacement of older galvanized tanks located indoors.

  • FLU Series The Flex-Lite FLU tank is made from a unique 3-piece internal construction that allows for consistent engineered dome profiles and integrally bonded connections that lead to longer tank life. Its heavy-duty base is molded out of ABS for maximum strength and durability. The FLU series is typically used in outdoor/underground applications.

  • FL Series The Flex-Lite FL series' improved CAD2 diaphragm design is stronger and won't crease and wear out like bag designs. Flex-Lite well tanks features a lower water chamber for superior air and water separation. This patented design allows each size tank to have a properly sized water chamber, matched to the draw down performance of that tank. The FL Series is ideal for indoor use and replaces steel diaphragm tanks.