Although we can purchase and install any brand of pump that you wish, it is our experience that the following products offer the best quality for your dollar.

Grundfos Pumps

grundfos pumps

Schaefer Pumps

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Legend Tri-Seal

The Standard Schaefer Legend 4" submersible pump features the new TRI-SEAL floating stage system. This new stage system improves efficiency and protects against wear when pumping abrasives (sand). All Schaefer Legend pumps are unconditionally guaranteed against sand locking in abrasive well conditions for one full year.


S Series pump
S Series pump
T Series pump
T Series pump


Because we believe in installing quality components we install the following brand of pressure tanks:




The improved Flex-Lite FLSD composite tank. It takes our field proven FLSD one step further by adding second stainless steel reinforced flex port for increased installation options.

It’s 50% lighter than conventional steel tanks. This radical weight saving means it’s also 50% easier to handle and install. Plus, its non-corrosive composite construction sets the standard for performance and durability. The Flexcon FLSD is ideal for a variety of uses, including commercial and residential storage, hydropneumatic, and many other applications.

As with all Flexcon products the construction on the Flex-Lite FLSD storage tank is of the highest quality. The more consistent dome profiles and integral bonded connections on the Flex-Lite FLSD are just two examples of Flexcon’s attention to superior design and fabrication.

Flex-Lite Series

Flex-Lite Series

Unlike other composite tanks that hide tired old bag technology in a plastic shell, the Flex-Lite FL composite tank uses the latest evolution of the field proven controlled action diaphragm design that Flexcon introduced in Well-Rite steel tanks in 1988.

Baker Monitor Pitless Unit

Baker Monitor Pitless Unit

Eliminates Need for Well House and Well Pit
Monitor, a division of Baker Manufacturing Co., developed the first solution to eliminate the “well house” and “well pit”—the Pitless Unit. The Pitless Unit allows the water to be discharged below the frost line to the water treatment facility, thus preventing any form of surface contamination. The Pitless Unit is designed so you can remove the submersible pump without disturbing any of the external piping in the well system. It forms a watertight extension of the well casing. From the connection point, it extends upward, finishing 12 or more inches above grade.


THE BAKER / MONITOR PUMP JACKS are low cost, high quality units used to reciprocate a pump cylinder. They consist of a helical gear speed reducer driving two pumping arms ( cranks ) which are connected to the sucker rod by two long pumping angles and a cross head. These jacks are V-belt driven by either an electric motor or a gasoline engine mounted directly on the jack. Compared to worm gear pump jacks, Baker's jacks deliver 50% more power to the sucker rod. All these models are shippable via UPS.

THE BAKER ZA pump jack is a heavier duty model designed for deeper wells, heavier loads, and up to 2 hp motor. The pump jack can be mounted on a hand pump or directly on the well pipe itself. A spring-held pump rod pin in the crosshead can be quickly attached or withdrawn.

The motor mount is easily adjusted for the base of your electric motor or gas engine and your V-belt length. You can operate the ZA pump jack during a power failure by rotating the jack's pulley with auxiliary power.

SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum pump rod load is 1,500 lbs ZA jack is geared 9 to 1 Stroke is 6" Maximum of 42 strokes per minute Weight is 131 lbs

Constant Pressure



While SubDrive provides constant pressure using single-phase input power with a three-phase motor, MonoDrive is designed to provide constant pressure for single-phase, three-wire systems - even those already in place. You can have constant pressure just by replacing a three-wire control box.


Franklin Electric's SubDrive constant pressure controller provides constant pressure by continually adjusting the speed of the pump to match water demand. Instead of draining and filling a large tank, a SubDrive system pumps more or less water as you need it. Finally, you'll be able to run the dishwasher, do laundry and water the lawn - all at the same time!



Constant pressure systems are changing the standard for private well systems all over the country. A private water well is one of the best sources of water for your home, but just as in municipal water systems, water pressure may sometimes be insufficient for the changing demands of the home. If you have a problem with water pressure in your home, you may have noticed that your washing machine fills more slowly when your dishwasher is running, or that your shower sputters when your sprinkler turns on. You don't like it, but you live with it.

Now you have a choice.

With a constant pressure system, you don't have to schedule your day around your water usage. Franklin's SubDrive and MonoDrive constant pressure controllers vastly improve your home water system. Using variable speed technology, SubDrive and MonoDrive continuously monitor water demand and adjust the speed of your pump to provide the water you need without pressure fluctuations. Available in a wide variety of ratings, these systems also provide:

Johnson stainless steel well screens





The Merrill Any Flow® Yard Hydrant gives year round water service; it drains below the frostline when shut off. The Any Flow® Hydrant has had only a few improvements since 1949.

These improvements, the exclusive features and benefits, and the time-proven basic design, is why we believe the Any Flow® is one of best yard hydrant manufactured by anyone.



The Woodford Model Y34, part of the American landscape for decades. Immediate flow even in cold temperatures. Rod guide eliminates side pull, reducing wear on packing nut and stem. Cam can be set to obtain the same flow each time.



Back in 1959, a Woodford Model Y34 Freezeless Yard Hydrant left the factory with a shiny new coat of paint, and found a home on a farm in Iowa. Fifty years later, after countless hailstorms, sleet, rain, snow, and subzero temperatures, it's not very shiny. But it's still working fine.

In fact, we've seen some that date back to the 1920s, still doing their job every day. Should a Woodford hydrant ever need repair, even if it was made decades ago, all parts are replaceable on site without removing the hydrant itself. And we'll have those parts available.

We can't guarantee that every Woodford hydrant will last for 50 years. But, we can guarantee that when you specify Woodford, you'll be drastically reducing the chance of callbacks, problems, and unhappy customers. We build everything possible into a Woodford hydrant. Except obsolescence.


S series aermotor


T series aermotor

Live stock watering fountains


Water Treatment


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