Water Well Drilling

There are many options to consider before a water well drilling project. We will take into consideration all of your specific needs for your water well. We provide the expert advise to help you make the right decision for your family.

The basic residential water well system looks like the diagram below. The submersible pump pushes water up through the drop pipe to the surface. The check valve keeps water from flowing back into the well. The pressure switch turns the pump on when the pressure drops and off when the pressure builds up. The pressure is stored in the pressure tank.

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Water Well Drilling
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Well Service and Repair

We provide timely and professional service to keep you in water and offer emergency service. We are licensed, experienced, trained and well equipped to repair all aspects of your water system. We have a large inventory of hard to find parts for older stroke pumps.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

sources to learn more about this extremely efficient method of heating and cooling your home.

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Well Sealing

Licensed and Certified Well Sealing's in full compliance with state requirements. State law requires that a well must be sealed by a licensed well contractor or a licensed well sealing contractor (Minnesota Statutes, section 1031.301)

The sealing process starts with removal of the pump, the inner pipe to the pump, and any materials or obstructions in the well. A grout "tremie" pipe is then installed to the bottom of the well and the contractor pumps in the grout, usually consisting of a special cement or a special clay. In certain cases, the contractor may have to remove or perforate the well casing(s) before pumping the grout to ensure a proper sealing. After sealing the well, the contractor sends a "Well and Boring Sealing Record" to the MDH.

Sewer system installation

If you are thinking of building a new house or need to replace your septic system at your current residence we can help. There are many important factors a designer needs to take into consideration when designing a septic system. The first being the homeowners concerns and needs. Secondly, there are many state, county and city codes that septic systems need to meet. Feel free to call with your questions.

Waterline and backhoe service

Do you need a yard hydrant or a livestock fountain? We have the right equipment for any size job along with quality products to make all watering needs convenient. We repair underground leaks.

Water treatment and testing

Is your drinking water safe? Geib Well & Water Services have access to certified labs to test unsafe levels of bacteria, nitrates and arsenic. After receiving the results we will help to correct it by treatment.

We will test your water for iron and hardness, then design and install a filtration system to fit your needs.

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