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Pitless Units

Fabricated from the highest quality materials, the Monitor Pitless Unit is a safe and sanitary method of completing a Municipal / Industrial water well. The Monitor Custom Pitless Unit attaches to the well casing and provides a sanitary underground discharge to the water treatment facility.

Eliminates Need for Well House and Well Pit

Monitor, a division of Baker Manufacturing Co., developed the first solution to eliminate the “well house” and “well pit”—the Pitless Unit. The Pitless Unit allows the water to be discharged below the frost line to the water treatment facility, thus preventing any form of surface contamination. The Pitless Unit is designed so you can remove the submersible pump without disturbing any of the external piping in the well system. It forms a watertight extension of the well casing. From the connection point, it extends upward, finishing 12 or more inches above grade.

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